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A pillar in international capital markets

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) is a pillar of Luxembourg’s flourishing financial ecosystem, and international capital markets as a whole. Through our rich history, respected shareholders, Board of Directors and management, and corporate investments, we foster the inclusive and innovative development of capital markets all over the world.
An exchange rich in innovation
At LuxSE, we are forward-looking and agile, and for more than 90 years, we have proven that we can adapt and grow in fast-changing market conditions. We are constantly working to strengthen our services through innovation and by capitalising on new technology. By investing in promising start-ups that set out to make international capital markets more efficient and accessible, we support innovation both within and beyond our company.

One example of our pioneering role is the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) - the world's first and leading platform for sustainable finance.
Our Shareholders
LuxSE is an independent company owned by a diverse range of public and private shareholders mainly based in Luxembourg. Find out more about our shareholders.
Our Board of Directors
Our shareholders elect our Board of Directors, which is comprise of some of Luxembourg’s most respected figures. Find out more about our Board of Directors.
Our Specialised Committees
Within our Board of Directors, we have a number of specialised committees which help guide LuxSE’s Executive Committee on key topics.
Our Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of LuxSE is elected by the Board of Directors and is in charge of our strategy and the day-to-day management of our business. Find out more about our leaders.
Our History
Since 1928, LuxSE has been at the forefront of European capital markets and now serves 2,000 issuers from all over the world. Find out more about our rich history.
Our Corporate Investments
At LuxSE, we are constantly looking for ways to improve capital markets through technology and innovative businesses. Find out more about our corporate investments. 
Always in motion