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Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance
Study the concepts at the heart of sustainable finance, its origins and rapid growth across the world. Spread over 3 modules, you will attend expert lectures covering the main drivers of the sustainable finance industry, how to integrate sustainability considerations into your work through concrete examples and the current regulations guiding the development of the market.
What will I learn?
The most important drivers at the heart of sustainable finance and an overview of the key concepts used in the market
Examples of how finance is transforming to integrate sustainability aspects and shaping multiple industries around the world
An overview of the current and upcoming regulatory developments in the EU, and Europe’s leading role in accelerating sustainable finance
Introduction to Sustainable Finance
In this module, you will study the historical development of sustainability since the emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the role of global mega trends, such as global warming and climate change. You will also learn more about how climate risks can affect business, the role played by finance in mitigating these risks, and how private capital is being mobilised to bridge today’s gap and contribute to more sustainable investments.
The EU Sustainable Finance Policy and Legislative Developments
In this module, you will receive a detailed overview of the latest regulatory developments relating to the sustainable finance industry in the EU, including the EU’s ambitious net zero strategy for 2050, the EU Action Plan for Sustainable Finance and the EU Taxonomy. Gain a deeper understanding of where Europe’s sustainable finance industry is heading and how to identify the opportunities and challenges that come with its rapid development.
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