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Sustainable Bonds Ecosystem
Build on your sustainable finance knowledge by learning more about the role of external reviewers and the importance of disclosure and reporting to protect the integrity of the sustainable finance market. Spread over 3 modules, you will study the developments and best practices used when issuing a sustainable bond through detailed case studies of selected bonds displayed on LGX.
What will I learn?
The important role of external reviewers in the sustainable bond market
What to expect when it comes to ongoing reporting on sustainable bonds
Industry best practices when issuing a sustainable bond with concrete examples
External Review for Sustainable Bonds
In this module, you will gain a deeper understanding of why external reviews have become such an important part of the industry, and the different types of external reviews currently available. Gain a solid footing in this process by learning about major players and concrete examples of how to organise and obtain a second party opinion when issuing a sustainable bond.
A Closer Look at Sustainable Bonds Reporting
In this module, our lecturers will explain why reporting on sustainable bonds is crucial for both the issuer and investors by contextualising the application of these reports to sustainable bonds. You will also be introduced to the minimum requirements and best practices currently available.
Sustainable Bonds Case Studies
In this module, your lecturer will present you with concrete examples of sustainable bonds and the positive green or social outcomes they help finance, along with best practices and a look forward towards what we can expect from the sustainable finance market over the coming months and years.
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