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We know that issuing a security can be time-consuming and daunting, that’s why we have created a catalogue of issuer services that cover a range of your issuance needs.
A service to fit all your issuance needs
Each of the services listed below is provided through the universal user access point of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) – MyBourse.
Financial Instruments Reporting Service Tool (FIRST)
Ensure that you stay on top of all your OAM, filings to the financial regulatory and dissemination obligations all in one place with FIRST
Take your listing experience to the digital sphere with our e-Listing tool, which allows you to streamline the listing process at LuxSE and remain compliant with relevant regulatory requirements all at once
Listing via Origin
Automate your listing experience and revolutionise the way that you list securities at LuxSE thanks to our partnership with Origin
Perma Link Upload Service (PLUS)
Take the stress out of creating hyperlinks to documents incorporated by reference in your prospectus by using PLUS to create these hyperlinks and guarantee validity for 10+1 years
Final Terms Filing Service
Make sure that you remain fully compliant with the filing requirements set out by Luxembourg’s financial regulator by choosing from one of our two Final Terms Filing Services
Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM)
File, store, and consult information via our OAM tool which allows you to comply with the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) and the Transparency Directive
Our client philosophy
At LuxSE, we know that getting your security in front of the international investment community needs to be as efficient as possible. That’s why we have honed our 90+ years of experience in international capital markets to create a unique suite of issuer services that can help you every step of the way. Whether it’s taking a digital approach to issuance, filing Final Terms or getting your information out to the market, we have a tool that can help you streamline the process.
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