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Prime Liquidity Provider Performance
Explore the performance reports of EUWAX AG
Our Prime Liquidity Provider, EUWAX AG, provides the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) trading members with the guarantee of firm prices and the ability to trade with ease throughout the trading day. Explore past performance reports below.
What is a Prime Liquidity Provider?
A Prime Liquidity Provider (PLP) complies with high requirements regarding their presence in the order book with a minimum presence of 80% during the trading session to provide higher levels of liquidity. A PLP also complies with the maximum spread on financial instruments quoted and the quantity available for trading.

To ensure the firmest prices on our LuxXPrime platform, we teamed up with EUWAX AG as our PLP. For each LuxXPrime instrument, the monthly PLP Performance Reports show the monthly presence of our PLP within the minimum requirements and a time-weighted average spread calculated based on the prices provided by our PLP within the minimum quantity requirement.
Understanding our PLP Performance Reports

The performance of our PLP is measured using only two-sided orders with firm prices taken into account. This calculation looks at the 2-way quoted and resulting spreads quoted for a specific security over the course of a normal trading day, and is weighted by the duration of the given spread.

In each PLP performance report, all LuxXPrime instruments are featured with the following information:


Market Identifier Code


ISIN code of the instrument

Instrument name

The name of the instrument 


The trading currency of the instrument 


The name of the issuer of the instrument


Coupon of the instrument


Maturity date of the instrument 


The yield to maturity of the instrument

Two-way quotes

Indication that PLP is obliged to provide two-side prices for the instrument

Monthly presence (%)

PLP presence rate in the order book within the minimum conditions during continuous trading hours for the instrument

Monthly average spread (bps)

Time-weighted average spread in bps during continuous trading hours for the instrument

Explore past PLP Performance Reports

Below you will find the PLP Performance Reports from the last 9 calendar months.
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