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Business impersonation scams – how they work and how to identify them

At the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), we prioritise the security and integrity of our systems to ensure the protection of data and assets. While we diligently work to mitigate risks in our sphere of control, it is important that you are aware of new and increasingly common risk scenarios which are not linked to our systems and operations. One of these risks is business impersonation scams, and the number of incidents is increasing across the financial services industry.   

A form of corporate identity theft, a business impersonation scam is when an individual or a group impersonates a business with the intention of carrying out fraudulent activity. Be wary and vigilant of suspicious communications claiming to come from LuxSE to avoid the risk of falling victim to a scam.


5 easy steps to identify legitimate communications from LuxSE: 


1. Verify the authenticity of an email address or website: 

  • The Luxembourg Stock Exchange will always communicate with you through our dedicated email domain ending in "luxse.com". Be vigilant of email addresses not adhering to this domain, as they may indicate fraudulent attempts. 
  • The Luxembourg Stock Exchange only has one official website with the URL www.luxse.com . Be vigilant of sites claiming to be associated with LuxSE and which are not adhering to this domain.


2. Verify the content of the email:

  • Legitimate LuxSE emails will contain professional and coherent content related to our services, products, or announcements. Be wary of emails containing urgent requests for personal information, or suspicious attachments. The emails may contain a mix of legitimate information, such as logos, alongside false details such as contact information and service offers.


3. Be sceptical of unrealistic offers and services:

  • LuxSE offers listing, information and data services to institutional and corporate customers, and operates markets where approved corporate trading members can place trades. LuxSE does not offer investment contracts, services or guarantees to individuals or retail clients. 
  • If an email offers unrealistic rewards or benefits with little or no efforts or risks on your part, it may be a scam. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


4. Beware of unconventional communication channels:

  • LuxSE will not contact you via WhatsApp, text messages or other unconventional channels of business communication. In the event that you would be contacted and invited to subscribe to services via such channels, please report it to LuxSE.


5. Authenticate through official channels:

  • Before taking any action in response to an unexpected or suspicious email coming from another domain than luxse.com, and claiming to be acting on behalf of LuxSE, verify its authenticity by reaching out to LuxSE.
  • As a general rule, avoid providing strangers with sensitive personal information and do not sign up for services requiring a financial investment without properly verifying the legitimacy of the request.

Report suspicious activity

LuxSE is committed to promptly and transparently addressing potential cases of business impersonation scams.

If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent communication impersonating the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, please report it to our secretariatgeneral@luxse.com or call +352 4779 36 -1.

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