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Chinese Domestic Green Bond Channel

Discover the Chinese domestic green bond market with our Green Bond Channel, which gives you access to information on Chinese domestic green bonds listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges and traded on the China Interbank Bond Market – all readily available for you in English.
What is the Green Bond Channel?
Our Chinese domestic Green Bond Channel, which we created in partnership with the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) in 2018, is an information platform that bridges Chinese domestic issuers with international investors by providing information on Chinese domestic green bonds listed on SSE in English. In 2019, through a partnership with the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), we extended this Green Bond Channel to include information on Chinese domestic green bonds listed SZSE.  

While green bonds listed on SSE and SZSE are traded via existing channels such as the China Interbank Market (CIBM) and Bond Connect schemes, our Green Bond Channel focuses on providing information in English on these bonds to offshore investors looking to tap into the Chinese green bond market.  

Bonds displayed on our Green Bond Channel are listed on SSE and SZSE with an official information card on the dedicated section of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) platform. Our Green Bond Channel is a resource for international investors to view information on Chinese domestic green bonds with a sole listing venue of either SSE or SZSE.
Discover Chinese domestic green bonds on LGX
LuxSE is the gateway between Chinese issuers and international investors, with numerous Chinese domestic issuers choosing the Green Bond Channel created by LuxSE, SSE and SZSE as a way to showcase their green bonds to the world.
How are Chinese domestic green bonds defined?
Each Chinese domestic issuer is unique depending on the nature of their financing needs. However, in April 2021, with the aim of creating a unified approach to issuing securities on China’s domestic green bond market, PBOC, NDRC and CSRC joined together to release Green Bond Endorsed Projects Catalogue (2021 Edition). This latest set of guidelines provides a harmonised catalogue to be followed by all categories of Chinese domestic issuers and excludes the inclusion of clean coal in the Catalogue’s eligible projects.
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