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With over 42,500 securities of all shapes and sizes, we can help you get your instrument in front of the world’s investment community with the right security to fit your financing needs
International capital markets await
For over 95 years, we have been giving issuers an unrivalled opportunity to get their financial instruments in front of the international investment community with an ever-growing list of instrument options – each with their own unique structure to address your funding needs. Whether you’re a company looking to go public with shares listed on our exchange, open your investment fund to the world or tap into our area of expertise – debt securities – there is a security type for you at LuxSE.

Consult our catalogue of securities below to find out more.
Asset backed security (ABS)
Derivative/Structured investment product (SIP)
Money market
Security tokens
As the world’s leading venue for the listing of international debt securities, we are home to more than 33,000 debt instruments from all over the world. Whether you are looking to raise fresh capital or make your security more visible, by listing your debt security at LuxSE you have access to a wide range of international investors. 
Public International Bodies
Public International Bodies can list their bonds with ease and generate long term funding for their projects thanks to our dedicated listing service. Public International Bodies play an important role in society by facilitating economic growth and social development. That’s why LuxSE offers Public International Bodies lower prices when listing on our markets. Contact us and find out if your organisation qualifies for discounted Public International Bodies rates.
How to list a security at LuxSE

Get an overview of everything you need to provide in order to list a security at LuxSE based on the market/platform, issuer type and security type that applies to you using our brand-new List Your Security Wizard.

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