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Bourse de Luxembourg, Euro MTF and LuxSE SOL

Choosing the right market or platform when bringing a security to international capital markets can be complex. We’re here to make the process easier for you.
Choose the right market or platform to address your needs
At the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), we operate a number of different markets and platforms – Bourse de Luxembourg, Euro MTF and LuxSE SOL – which give you the opportunity to bring your securities to the LuxSE market or platform that best suits your financing needs. While each of these markets or platforms offer several distinct benefits, they all provide you with an accepted and simplified access point to the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), the world’s leading sustainable finance platform. Find out which market or platform holds the key to your specific financing needs below. 
Euro MTF
Bourse de Luxembourg
Securities Official List
Our exchange regulated market
Created in 2005, Euro MTF was Europe’s first Multilateral Trading Facility as defined under MiFID. Regulated by LuxSE, Euro MTF offers prospectus approval and admission to trading in one go.
The listing solution for international issuers
Recognised as an established and efficient market, our exchange regulated Euro MTF attracts a wide array of international issuers, ranging from emerging market sovereign issuers to top financial institutions. Today, 49% of issuers on Euro MTF come from outside the EU and choose LuxSE to enter European capital markets.
Regulated by LuxSE
As LuxSE is solely in charge of the approval and listing process for EuroMTF, this market offers a fast and flexible solution with less stringent regulatory requirements for our issuers.  All securities listed on Euro MTF are admitted to trading on our exchange. 
For admissions on the Euro MTF, aside from existing exemptions in place for European issuers, non-European sovereigns and corporate issuers whose shares are listed on a regulated market or equivalent are granted an exemption from the formal approval of their prospectus by LuxSE.
Our EU-regulated market
Inaugurated in 1929, the Bourse de Luxembourg market is the EU-regulated market of LuxSE. For nearly a century, the Bourse de Luxembourg market has provided thousands of issuers and investors alike with the opportunity to access European and international capital markets. 
Your gateway to EU financial markets
Our Bourse de Luxembourg market gives issuers access to international investors and EU passporting, meaning that the prospectus approval obtained in Luxembourg is valid for listing on other EU exchanges. Today, around 57% of the securities listed at LuxSE are listed on the Bourse de Luxembourg market. All securities listed on the Bourse de Luxembourg market are admitted to trading on our exchange. 
Regulated by EU regulations 
When listing a security on the Bourse de Luxembourg market, the prospectus approval is handled by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), Luxembourg’s highly competent and efficient Financial Supervisory Authority.
International visibility without admission to trading
At LuxSE, we also offer issuers the possibility to register their securities on our Securities Official List (LuxSE SOL), without admission to trading. LuxSE SOL is designed for issuers looking for visibility for their securities and for whom admission to trading is not a prerequisite.
An alternative listing solution
Admitting securities to LuxSE SOL is synonymous with registration on our Official List, bringing numerous benefits to issuers and their securities, including enhanced visibility and a seamless registration process.
Regulated by LuxSE
As LuxSE is solely in charge of the registration process, which is not required to comply with trading admission regulation, LuxSE offers a seamless solution to our issuers’ needs.
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