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Our data product range
A product for every data need
Find data on bonds, warrants, equities, investment funds and indices, all within our extensive catalogue of market data products.
Industry-leading data at your fingertips
Our expertise in market data paired with our wide range of market data products means that you can access the data that matters most to you in real-time, delayed mode or at the end of each day. We know that having access to up-to-date and reliable data is crucial to succeed in today’s international capital markets, so browse our catalogue of market data products below to see how we can help you make the most of our industry-leading information.
Trade-related data
Get pre- and post-trade data on a wide selection of securities including inside market and market depth data
Access data on Luxembourg’s three national indices as well as an index for responsible investment funds
Reference data
Receive structured and standardised reference data files on specific instruments including changes in composition
Sustainability data feeds
Discover an extensive range of data on the world’s leading sustainable securities in real-time with our sustainability data feeds
Historical data
Gather historical data on prices and volumes of instruments listed at LuxSE over the last 40 years
Explore data from the thousands of documents that come through LuxSE every year including prospectuses, reports and more
Data for academic purposes
If you would like to use our industry-leading data for your students or your team, we offer special packages to fit your educational needs
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