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Our goal at LGX is to help you unlock the full potential of sustainable finance and get your sustainability funding, lending and investing strategies off the ground so that we reach our common goals.
LGX Pro Mujer case study
Securities serving the underserved
Learn more about the social bonds of Pro Mujer financing the empowerment of women in Argentina.
LGX sustainable securities at a glance
Green, social & sustainability bonds
What started as a platform exclusively dedicated to green bonds has now expanded to include the complete catalogue of use-of-proceeds bonds that finance projects with green and/or social benefit(s).
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Sustainability-linked bonds
Beyond the traditional use-of-proceeds bond sphere, LGX also offers a section dedicated to sustainability-linked bonds, where issuers commit to future sustainability targets, measured by key performance indicators within a set timeframe.
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LGX funds
LGX is the only platform that displays LGX funds classified as Article 8 or Article 9 funds under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). These funds are automatically eligible to be displayed on LGX, once listed on LuxSE.
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Sustainable bonds
LGX funds
Gender-focused bonds
LGX now flags sustainable securities that allocate a percentage of their proceeds or set clear KPIs related to advancing gender equality within their documentation and carry post-issuance reporting attesting to the issuer’s concrete actions.
Explore LGX market intelligence and case studies
As part of our efforts to facilitate sustainable investment, reorient capital flows towards sustainable development projects and help issuers and investors alike to better understand the market, we now publish market studies powered by the LGX DataHub as well as case studies from issuers on the LGX platform.

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