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Additional LGX Services

Grow your business while contributing to sustainable goals

We help you unlock the full potential of sustainable finance through education, sustainable bond data, indices and tailored assistance services, so that you can grow your business while making a positive impact on the world.
Education and data tailored to your needs
LGX goes far beyond featuring a leading selection of the world’s sustainable securities. To accelerate the transition to a low-carbon and more inclusive world and help reorient capital flows towards the achievement of sustainable goals, we have made it a priority to address some of the main hurdles issuers and investors alike encounter along the way. Market players need in-depth sustainable finance knowledge and access to meaningful sustainable bond data that they can use. That’s why LGX has become so much more than a platform for sustainable securities – we have established an academy, built a database of sustainable bond data and defined an assistance service that provide you with everything you need to kick-start your sustainability journey.
LGX Academy
Learn from our sustainable finance experts during pre-defined or tailor-made courses on all things sustainable finance, ranging from the fundamentals of sustainable finance to the industry’s leading products and standards, applicable regulation and best market practice.
LGX DataHub
Gain access to the sustainable bond data and analytics you need to make informed decisions. Monitor and report on your investments through a centralised database of structured sustainability data covering close to the entire universe of the world’s listed sustainable bonds.
LGX Assistance Services
Get expert assistance from our sustainable finance team throughout your sustainable bond issuance process, including guidance on how to establish a framework, peer comparison and assistance on the best approach for post-issuance allocation and impact reporting.
LuxSE Sustainability Indices
You can follow all the international sustainable funds listed at LuxSE through the LuxRI Index and see how they contribute to sustainable goals.
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