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Issuer services overview
Financial Instruments Reporting Services Tool (FIRST)

The only tool you need to report & communicate to investors

FIRST is our answer to all ongoing issuer obligations, from storing information in the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM), filing documents with the financial regulator and disseminating information to the public via Financial News Service (FNS).
Why use FIRST?
All-in-one tool
One portal is all you need to meet all your reporting requirements set out under the Transparency Directive.
Ensure transparency
Publish and disseminate your financial and corporate news on LuxSE’s website and distribute it to data vendors and the wider media.
Store in the OAM
Make information available for storage in the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM).
Meet obligations
File and transmit the required regulated information with the financial regulator.
Streamline your filing & storing of information
FIRST performs a document scan of all uploaded files in search of ISIN codes, making it easier than ever for you to file the information you need. This technologically advanced procedure adds an additional layer of reassurance that the information being reported corresponds to your securities.
Adhere to the Transparency Directive
If you are an issuer obliged to follow the Transparency Directive, use FIRST to disseminate regulated information to the regulator as well as press agencies specialising in financial information and/or wide circulation newspapers to reach your investors and other concerned parties in the regulated market or markets on which the transferable securities of the concerned issuer are listed for trading.
File directly with CSSF
If you are a FIRST user registered to file regulated information to our OAM storage system, you can use FIRST to file information with the CSSF free of charge by checking the “CSSF” box to explicitly ask for the filing. We have also added a section entirely dedicated to the data required by the CSSF so that you can ensure that you provide the most complete information as possible through our tool as well as a section that allows us to file information on a voluntary basis for CSSF transmission only (not available for OAM storage or FNS publication).*
For new FIRST users - How can I activate FIRST?

To activate our FIRST services you must sign the Services Selection Sheet.

3 simple steps to get access to FIRST:

1. Download and review the Services Selection Sheet

2. Sign the Services Selection Sheet and send a scanned copy of the sheet by email to customersupport@luxse.com.

3. Once the scanned copy of the Services Selection Sheet has been received by email, you will get access to the full suite of FIRST services.



* Please note that the CSSF no longer accepts filings via email. To adapt to the eRIIS platform that replaces filings via email, we have evolved FIRST to ensure that your filing process remains fully compliant and as smooth as possible by creating a new section.

You may still file the information without providing any details in this section, however, this means that the CSSF may require you to provide any missing or incomplete data directly on the eRIIS platform. This enables you, for example, to comply with delays regarding the filing of the information even if you don’t have all the data requested by the CSSF at your disposal.

Did you know that you can make this a managed service at LuxSE?
Contact one of our experts to find out more about creating a MyBourse account.

Note that to request LuxSE to publish notices and information for you as part of our managed service, you must submit FNS Publication Service form below instead of My Bourse Selection Sheet.

FNS subscription form for dissemination of other information
FNS subscription form for dissemination of regulated information
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