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Perma Link Upload Service (PLUS)

Take the stress out of documents incorporated by reference

PLUS gives you the peace of mind you need to adhere to EU Prospectus Regulation when using hyperlinks to documents incorporated by reference in your prospectus.
Why use PLUS?
Reliability and validity
Hyperlinks are quickly generated and stored via PLUS in LuxSE's secure database.
Easier prospectus creation
We generate the hyperlinks for you and take the stress out of incorporating documents by reference in your prospectus.
No need to worry about invalid hyperlinks – we ensure each hyperlink remains operational, unique and direct for 10+1 years.
Self-service option
Generate and pay for hyperlinks wherever you want, whenever you want via MyBourse & the PLUS self-service feature.
Available via self-service or email
If you would like to take the stress out of incorporating documents needed within a prospectus, you have the option of availing of a self-service feature using MyBourse.lu or by reaching out to LuxSE’s team who will manually generate the hyperlinks for you. It’s simple, fast and ensures the documents incorporated by reference are compliant with the European Prospectus Regulation. 
How to avail of PLUS as a self-service

To activate PLUS, you must first sign our Service Selection Sheet.

1. Download the Service Selection Sheet and tick the box next to PLUS. 

2. Sign the Service Selection Sheet Sheet to customersupport@luxse.com.

3. Once the scanned copy of the Services Selection Sheet has been received, you will get access to all that PLUS has to offer.

Then, once you have provided all the necessary information via your MyBourse account, a hyperlink containing your document is generated instantly and is ready to use in your prospectus. 

How to avail of PLUS as a managed service
Want to have a member of our PLUS team take care of hyperlink generation for you? You also have the option of availing of PLUS as a managed service. Simply reach out to a member of the team via plusservices@luxse.com and they can manually generate the hyperlinks for you.  
No need to monitor hyperlinks 
All hyperlinks and corresponding documents are stored and remain active in LuxSE’s secure database. Less time monitoring hyperlinks means that you have more time to focus on the work that matters to you! 
If you need more information
We are conscious that choosing the right listing venue and obtaining your listing in time is mission critical!
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